Live cell monitoring inside the incubator. Easy.


Our all-in-one package includes everything you need. Ideally matched hardware components to deliver the best possible performance as well as software connection to PHIOme. PHIOme offers easy and intuitive navigation, high performance AI-based analysis, as well as access to data storage and dashboard.

Save tons of time by letting the AI handle all the repetitive tasks like manual settings, data transfer and image and data analysis. Start the measurement with only a few taps and receive your results in real-time.

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Long-term stable continuous monitoring

Focus drifts? Struggling to find the same imaging position again? Not anymore. Thanks to the Cellwatcher precision container locking, you don’t ever lose your field of view after changing the medium or adding a compound. The lensfree optic ensures stable monitoring even if your cells are in different heights, up to a few millimeters, e.g. in gel. It will simply keep your cells monitored continuously and always in the ideal environment: right inside the incubator.

Extremely large field of view

High statistics paired with high resolution in space and time gives you new insights in cell behavior. The Cellwatcher can monitor up to 10.000s of cells, dozens of spheroids with a fields of view of up to 20 mm², while still resolving single cells and their morphology.

Non-invasive & label-free

The Cellwatcher and PHIOme keep your cells safe and in the best physiological environment. They will operate without any need of labels or excitation. All components of our microscope are engineered and tested in order to guarantee non-invasive cell behavior. No more worrying about phototoxicity, influences of labels and environmental impacts.

Ultra compact & stackable

Your space in the lab is precious - both outside and inside the incubator! The ultra compact Cellwatcher helps you to waste not a bit of it with securely magnetically stackable microscopes.

Customer feedback

This elegant, compact device is a versatile tool for cell experiments, which convincingly simplifies routines for proliferation, differentiation and wound healing assays.

Prof. Christoph Westerhausen

University of Augsburg, Biological Physics

An efficient and scalable system for monitoring quantifiable viability parameters of several cell lines in an incubator allowed us to standardize our cell culture conditions, and is a great support in our cell biophysics research.

Prof. Joachim Rädler

LMU Munich, Physics