Cellwatcher S
Your eye on your cell cultures
The first choice for quality control in cell culture: Cellwatcher S. Built for non-invasive measurements inside your incubator, Cellwatcher S is the world's most compact microscope system, offering high integration density for scalable monitoring. Tailored to your workflows in every respect, from installation to cleaning and your daily cell culture tasks, Cellwatcher S keeps an eye on your cells.
Cells grow most stably in constant environments, which is why we keep them in incubators: but every manual monitoring step, like opening incubators, handling dishes, removing and imaging cells, changes this environment, increases the risks of contamination, and can permanently alter the cell behavior. By monitoring inside the incubator, Cellwatcher S ensures a perfectly constant environment and high cell quality.
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Get the data to know your cells better.

Standardize your cell culture: establish your own protocols based on objective quantification, passage after passage. The Cellwatcher S supports you by monitoring and documenting the most important cell parameters: growth, motility, seeding/splitting confluency, phenotypic changes, and many more. This enables you to detect abnormalities in your cell culture early, before bringing them into assays, saving you time and consumables. Variations in cell performance belong to the past.
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Patented innovative lensfree imaging allows long-term, stable, continuous monitoring in a super compact and scalable device. Cellwatcher S is the first stackable microscope, making the most of the valuable space in your lab and incubator. Get statistically relevant quantification of your cells' performance from Cellwatcher's large field of view. Its high quality housing with lock-in-place positioning for each standard cell culture dish ensures data that is stable over time. Find more Specifications  For other well plate formats check out Cellwatcher M 

Controlling & analysis. Effortless.

Your eyes inside the incubator. Cellwatcher directly feeds its data to your control display, on the incubator door or on the bench. The user interface is optimized to your workflow: guiding you to set up experiments, displaying the current cell proliferation state, helping you set confluency targets, and taking care of the documentation. Login to the PHIOme cloud via your browser for advanced analyses and data visualizations.
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Specifications - Cellwatcher S

    S Model (Single FoV)
  • one large field of view;patented lensfree imaging technology

  • Large field of view (FoV:10mm2,3.7 ⨯ 2.7 mm2,5 MP sensor (2592 ⨯ 1944 px)

  • Compatible with all standard flasks (e.g. T25, T75)

  • Customizable for various cell culture containers e.g. dishes, microscope feet

  • Non-invasive, low power illumination (red LED: 630 nm)

  • Long-term stable continuous monitoring due to lock-in-place container positioning

  • Cell and container protection due to vibration damping and slip-resistant microscope feet

  • Stable and secure vertical stacking of up to 5 devices due to magnetic locking

  • High quality, robust housing; anodized aluminum surface: low maintenance, easy cleaning

  • Quick installation via single mini-USB port (power and data)

  • Small footprint and low weight (Modal S dimensions:48 ⨯ 83 ⨯ 135 mm3, weight:220g)

  • For research use only(RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    Universally mountable and tiltable display
  • Secure and robust vertical mounting on metallic surfaces

    due to magnetic feet, e.g. on the incubator front door

  • Stable position on any horizontal surfaces due to anti-slip

    feet, e.g. on the bench

  • Comfortable to use anywhere : > 90° tiltable screen angle

  • 7" capacitive LCD touch screen (800 ⨯ 480 px)

  • Dimensions: 200 ⨯ 12 ⨯ 50 mm3, weight:490 g

    Plug & play computer with
    preconfigured software
  • Effortless mounting due to magnetic housing e.g. on the outside of incubator

  • Network: LAN & WiFi

  • Storage: 128 GB SD


  • Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit quad-core processor

  • Dimensions: 122 ⨯ 64 ⨯ 36 mm3, weight: 260g