Cellwatcher M
Multiply your assay output by six
Empower your assays comparing multiple
conditions: Cellwatcher M.
With six microscope units
in one device, it is compatible with all standard 6-well plates and
can be configured for lower-volume geometries (e.g. 48-well).
Multiply your sample sizes and maximize your data quality with
six extra large fields of view of 20 mm2 each. Find more
Monitor your assays continuously and stop
relying on endpoint information. Benefit from temporally and
spatially resolved results without any extra effort: The Cellwatcher
M gives you the edge.
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Acquire multiparametric data & six conditions at a time.

Objective AI analysis, done in real-time, ensures reproducible results without the expertise, effort, and errors of manual image analysis. Simply monitor your cells’ behavior across multiple conditions simultaneously and get results instantly.
Top-notch visualizations and multiparametric data down to the single cell level - Cellwatcher M and PHIOme level up your analysis of e.g. wound healing, drug screens, cluster formation, and more. Access all of your data through your browser via the PHIOme cloud: anywhere, anytime.
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Watch your results come to life

Get started rapidly - the Cellwatcher M ships with a ready-to-use computer plus a touch screen for laboratory operation, with a software interface to guide rapid experimental setup.

Watch the progress of your assays directly as they run. Take advantage of live images and constantly updating plots to easily check the status of your Cellwatcher experiment in the blink of an eye.

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Specifications - Cellwatcher M

    M Model (Multiple FOVS)
  • 6 extra-large fields of view; patented lensfree imaging technology

  • Each foV 200mm2,, 5.2 ⨯ 3.9 mm2, 5MP sensor, 2592 ⨯ 1944 px

  • Compatible with all standard 6-well plates

  • Customizable for various formats including e.g. dishes, multi well plates or flow chambers

  • Non-invasive, low power illumination (red LED: 630 nm)

  • Long-term stable continuous monitoring due to lock-in-place container positioning

  • Cell and container protection due to vibration damping and slip-resistant microscope feet

  • Stable and secure vertical stacking of up to 5 devices due to magnetic locking

  • High quality, robust housing; anodized aluminum surface: low maintenance, easy cleaning

  • Quick installation via single mini-USB port (power and data)

  • Small footprint and low weight (Modal S dimensions:48 ⨯ 83 ⨯ 135 mm3, weight:220g)

  • For research use only(RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    Universally mountable and tiltable display
  • Secure and robust vertical mounting on metallic surfaces

    due to magnetic feet, e.g. on the incubator front door

  • Stable position on any horizontal surfaces due to anti-slip

    feet, e.g. on the bench

  • Comfortable to use anywhere : > 90° tiltable screen angle

  • 7" capacitive LCD touch screen (800 ⨯ 480 px)

  • Dimensions: 200 ⨯ 12 ⨯ 50 mm3, weight:490 g

    Plug & play computer with
    preconfigured software
  • Effortless mounting due to magnetic housing e.g. on the outside of incubator

  • Network: LAN & WiFi

  • Storage: 128 GB SD


  • Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit quad-core processor

  • Dimensions: 122 ⨯ 64 ⨯ 36 mm3, weight: 260g