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Our online data portal provides access to your images and data at any time using a browser and personal login. The condensed results of the image and data analyses are available in compelling visualizations. In addition, the data can be easily managed, stored and backed up. Individual compilations of the data allow a quick comparison of different scientific experiments.

Our analysis modules are designed for numerous different applications from long-term growth behavior, over collective and single cell migration, wound healing, clustering behavior, viability, morphology, to highly sophisticated evaluations revealing a cell lines' phenotypic fingerprint.

Applications - Scientific research.

Cell proliferation

Cell proliferation plays an important role in cancer research and drug discovery. Real-time proliferation dynamics will give you new insights and will improve reproducibility in your experiments.

Differential growth by cell type growth_curves
Proliferation analysis doubling

Cell clustering

Analysis of collective growth & spreading.

Cluster distribution cluster_size
Cluster propagation cluster_growth

Wound healing

Automatic analyses of scratches not only save a lot of time, but also provide rich information on migration behavior, speed, spatial and temporal distribution.

Drug dependent scratch closure scratch_width
Sensitive vs. resistant cells drug_concentration

Cell migration

Cellwatcher's optics bring you a unique option for collective cell motility analysis and single-cell tracking over hundreds of cells, over multiple days, within large fields of view.

Lineage trees tree-plot
Diffusion analysis cell_tracking

Applications - Quality management.

Cell culture calendar


Analysis of passaging tolerances


Thawing and infection behavior


Split confluency dependency


Weekday vs. weekend growth


Track your cell line over many passages and benefit from evaluations of cell culture and handling performances. Reveal hidden dependencies of your cell line's behavior to establish your own cell culture quality standards.

Evolution of phenotype


Analysis of cell differentiation


Fingerprint of three different cell lines


We keep track of cell growth, motion and clustering over the whole culturing time and provide subsequent analysis and phenotypic fingerprinting.

Anticipate when to split your cells


Based on real-time cell segmentation and single cell detection we accurately model cell growth which allows precise predictions for the course of the growth curve and quantification .

Customer feedback

Cellwatcher helps us monitor the proliferation of highly heterogeneous patient-derived melanoma cells in real-time. By actively measuring growth and motility inside the incubator, we can increase the reproducibility of our experiments.

Prof. Mitchell Levesque

University Hospital Zurich, Dermatology

Our primary cells are very sensitive and their cultivation is a challenge. The Cellwatcher helps us with exact documentation of their vitality parameters.

Prof. Verena Paulitschke

Medical University of Vienna, Dermatology

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